"Sharon Jantzen was my writing tutor and helped me write my personal statement and a few other essays for my pharmacy school application. She is a very kind and caring person and truly pushed me to write the best that I could. Having her guide me through the writing process was very helpful since I am not that confident when it comes to writing.

She gave me confidence in my writing abilities which was something I needed during this process. I was able to write an exceptional personal statement about my personal experience in life and why I wanted to go to pharmacy school. Sharon really put the time and effort into critiquing my writing and where I could strengthen certain parts of my essay in order to stand out compared to other applicants. Overall, I really enjoyed having her as my writing tutor and she as a person was delightful to work with."

- Samantha Dombkowski

My note: Samantha was accepted to all three Pharmacology schools she applied to. The last school conducted an interview which included a 20 minute written response to a prompt. We did additional work to prep for that and Samantha was offered a scholarship.

"Her scores on her Renaissance testing is up 242 points from the beginning of last year! She is making excellent progress toward making benchmark for her grade by the end of the year."

- Teacher comment regarding an 8th Grade Tutor Student at St. Patrick's School

"Sharon is fantastic !!

Sharon provides weekly tutoring services in our home for grades k, 2, 4 and 6.

Her lesson plans are well laid out for each child’s individual level and needs.

And … she is so engaging in her lessons that my wiggly - kindergartener sits with her for an entire hour !"

- Kalin Turri

"Hiring Sharon Jantzen to be our son’s tutor was the best thing we did for him in college!  Sharon kindly encouraged, motivated, organized and taught him to succeed in his college courses and earn his Bachelors Degree at Cal Poly.  She was very reliable and flexible to accommodate the ever changing schedule.

Sharon had the perfect balance of appropriate expectations while understanding the distractions and limitations in his life. She brought him to his full potential and exceeded our expectations.  Our son was grateful for her help and realized the value of their sessions. She is easy for both students and parents to get along with and is very good at communicating with all parties. Sharon is very bright and gifted in numerous academic areas, and has a heart to tutor those in need.  I would highly recommend Sharon Jantzen to anyone looking to reach their potential, both academically and personally."

- Holly Warnock

"Sharon has been a fantastic tutor, very engaging and fun. She draws from her many years as a homeschooling mom and pulls in fun facts that tie in with our very challenging History-Based IEW (Institute for Excellence in Writing) curriculum.

She is patient with our son and helps him process through complex writing techniques. She has given us insight on homeschooling and understands the broad spectrum that is language arts."

- Sarah Demolar

“What a treasure we found, during a wild season of transition for our family!  With a new baby in the house, an out-of-state move in the works, and 4 children still needing focused help in their language arts lessons...there was definitely not enough of me to go around. 

Sharon stepped in for a season as our Language Arts tutor, and took all the teaching stress off my shoulders.  It was like a breath of fresh air, every time she walked in the door to work with our children!  Her patience and attention to their work, in a season when they needed it the most, provided a much needed boost of confidence in their writing abilities.”

- Talia Waters