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Is your student struggling with writing or reading? Are you wrestling with words? Do you need help getting your student through Language Arts lessons? Do you sweat over grading your student's writing assignments? Do you simply need someone else to evaluate your student's writing? Do you need someone to help you write?

YES? You've landed at the right place.

Sharon Jantzen

Learn to Love Language Arts Tutor

Language Arts is my passion. Tears well in my eyes when I teach a kid to read. Reading is a gateway to adventures awaiting, inspiration coming, and truth for right living.

Setting a mind in motion and getting those ideas on paper in an organized, interesting and fun manner also thrills me.

I enjoy helping parents be the best guides for their student's progress by taking the grading and writing evaluation off their plate.

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Passion defines most of what I do. I have a passion for riding horses and I am currently developing my mounted archery skills. I also have a passion for words.

Pouring my writing and creating talents into SLO Horse News, I have created an on-line publication where I write stories, create digital products and sell my photographs.

Tutoring connects me with students who need help developing their passion for reading and writing. Whether we use your materials or something I provide for your needs, the goal will be getting you or your child to love language arts.

I'm a graduate of Cal Poly in SLO with a degree in Ag Business Management. In my senior year, I was a member of the National Championship Student Marketing Team. Upon graduation I worked in the Ag industry for five years as a marketing manager. I have graduated all three of my children from our home school having taught them from day one through High School and now give input on their writing assignments as college students when asked. I've been tutoring a variety of students from K-College since 2014.

- Sharon Jantzen

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Located in San Luis Obispo County California

Heartland Charter School Vendor

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Just like the stages of horsemanship, writing takes place in stages.

K-6th Grade Language Arts Tutoring

Reading, writing, and comprehension focus for struggling elementary students.

$50 per hour In-person or Zoom

Jr. High - High School Language Arts Tutoring

Writing, grammar, getting ideas on paper, editing and more.

$55 per hour In-person or Zoom

College and Adult

As-Needed Services

Paper grading, writing evaluation, paper editing, school applications.

$60 per hour In-person or Zoom


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